Twelve years of full throttle in Boogie and Lindy Hop brought Paula success in the national squad and valuable experience as a tournament dancer at home and abroad. 

Three times she placed with her dance partner as vice-Swiss champion in boogie woogie and the successful second and third place she took at the Rock That Swing Boogie Cup.

With this backpack she has walked the way from gifted coachee to empathetic coach. Since 2013, Paula has also taught at Swing Productions. Exuberant humor remains her constant companion, as well as a fine sense of cool music, which makes her skip danced-out trails with ease.

Improvisational art and solid hand or footwork bring Paula as a performer and as a teacher to a level that revives the joy of swing and hop again and again. Paula’s students not only discover new things in the tried and tested, they also constantly reinvent themselves: that’s jazz!

If Paula were an automobile, she would create her own category: Energy-efficient railing.