In our Lindy Hop courses and at our SwingFloor parties, all participants should feel comfortable. Therefore, we ask you to follow the following points:

1. “Yes means yes” and “No means no” (at any place and at any time)!
2. If you’re not sure if it was “yes” or “no”, just ask. Body language is not always clear.
3. Numbers 1 and 2 apply to all types of interaction from conversations to dancing to physical contact, kissing and sex.
4. Getting a second dance is not a matter of course. Therefore, always ask and wait for the “yes”.
5. Use deodorant, change your T-shirt, and wash your hands regularly.
6. If you accidentally touch another person indecently, say “sorry”!
7. If you experience or observe disrespectful or hurtful behavior, contact us or your teachers directly.

Thank you for your contribution to a positive atmosphere at parties and in the Lindy Hop courses. Thank you for respecting the integrity of all participants so that we all have a lot of fun.

Please note that we exclude you from the courses and from the parties if you harass or hurt others.