Alex gained his first dance experience at the age of 14 at the Kantiball of his school in the original canton. The evening program traditionally included the Viennese waltz and the disco Fox. A good eight years later, he was looking for support for law studies at a student fraternity in distant Zurich.

As luck would have it, this student fraternity celebrated its 90th anniversary and invited to a 20s party according to the occasion.

In the appropriate twenties look, they met in the regular restaurant, where two unknown faces (unexpectedly) asked to dance: the first encounter with Lorenz, his orange Doc Martens and his charming dance partner Paulita was perfect.

After the first miserable attempts to ‘step step, triple step’ in the right order, the legal review of a restriction of fundamental rights suddenly seemed child’s play.

And yet the joyful magic of swing never let him go. Since then, Frankie Manning’s Way of Life has actually accompanied him at every turn.

… and he doesn’t regret any of it.